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San Bernardino County and Riverside County

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Taylor King

Shepherd Home Inspections provides high quality inspections that will identify all defects to allow informative real estate investment decisions. Inspector Taylor King has over 10 years of experience as a electrician in the residential and commercial sectors. With this technical field experience we are able to locate and diagnose home defects that other home inspectors may overlook. At Shepherd Home Inspections we go beyond the basic limited visual inspection that your typical home inspector provides. We use high quality electrical testing equipment to check all electrical circuits and all home appliances. We also use a high definition thermal imaging camera to perform thermal scans of the entire home to identify water leaks, HVAC issues, electrical issues, and home energy loss that may not be visible to human eye.

Investing in a Home Inspection

The upfront cost of a inspection is more than just another expense in the home buying process. The expense of the inspection will actually save you much more money in the future. 

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